French Provincial Handles And Knobs
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French Provincial Handles and Knobs

Have you looked around your kitchen and felt it was time for a change. Many feel to have a completely new look in their kitchen it will involve demolition along with monies which they may not have right off the bat. Making your kitchen look different does not take much at all if you see nothing wrong with the existing appliances and other tools which are already existent in the kitchen area. By changing the paint along with the knobs and handles of the drawers, you will notice a great new look without having to renovate anything but a few odds and ends.

Choosing knobs and handles to replace your cabinets may seem as if it is too easy to be true, but in fact it will give it a different look with a few other different types of décor placed around the kitchen. These types of handles can also be a great accent to newly refinished cabinets which again is something you can consider when looking to change your kitchen a bit. Refinishing cabinets can give your kitchen a facelift without having to hire others to assist you other than your family if need be. The handles and knobs are the last piece, yes small yet a large object, to choose when completing your kitchen project. You will see it all come together once the knobs are placed onto the kitchen and drawers.

With so many options when it comes to knobs and handles you may not know where to start. Depending on your existing look and what you are attracted to will of course be the way you will choose your options. French provincial wire knobs and handles are beautiful. They give you a great classic style without being too overbearing. There are three different types of colors to choose from when choosing the French provincial knobs and handles. Pewter, antique brass, and matt black are the three wonderful antique colors you have options to. Many do not feel that black would fit properly into their kitchen which sometimes is the case depending on your color scheme. Therefore, you have the option of a great brass color which will go with mostly any theme or style in your kitchen color scheme.

These French provincial wire knobs and handles not only can be used in the kitchen but in the bathroom and sometimes even on dressers and desks which need an uplift into the century. They will give any object a timeless look to add into the décor which surrounds the item. Here are a few different types of handles and knobs which are available in the French provincial wire section.

There are a few different types of French provincial wire handles to choose from. You can have the option of the handle being mostly solid with the middle becoming the wire look which is a great small detail if you are not into anything extravagant. On the other hand if you want something which is bold, you may be interested in the design which gives you the wire look from end to end. Another great detail to the ones which are not fully wired would be the little knot which is at the end giving it more of a design rather than just a flat piece that will connect to the drawer. These knobs all come in the three different antique colors which will give your kitchen or other décor a great new appearance along with style. Prices range from $6.85 to $9.75 depending on the design along with the color option you consider in the end. They all have great details which will be an eye catcher when others enter your room where these are located. It will be a great conversation starter since they are very unique and give any themed area a great new look without having to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture, cabinets, or even other items to create a new look. Make sure when ordering that you have the correct code so you are ordering the proper handles for your décor.

The French provincial wire knobs will only come in one specific design yet will complete the look with either handle you choose. They are full wire design still given the option in three different colors as you would with the handles you chose. They are wonderful knobs which are easy to grip which is much better than having those knobs which you have a difficulty opening. They have such a wonderful look that no matter if you feel that the entire wire look is not for you, the knobs are small enough to just give you enough detail on your cabinets.

With all the different types of knobs and handles you have to choose from you may feel overwhelmed. By making sure you choose the right handle may also come down to which will give you a better life such as chipping or cracking. Many of the porcelain handles and knobs you will need to worry about these after a period of time. With the French provincial wire knobs you will not need to worry since they have nothing that will be able to chip or crack. Since it is all wire it will last much longer as anything else which was made with wire would. You will be happy to know that you are able to find knobs and handles which are able to give you a great style to your cabinets and drawers along with them not chipping as others would. Many feel that going with a knob which has a detail on them such as a flower or sort means that they will need to continue the floral detail throughout their kitchen. With the wire accented handled anything truly will work well when choosing other décor for the area. The French provincial wire knobs and handles are so versatile that they are becoming the most popular knobs and handles out there for purchase. They are not only being used on cabinets and drawers in kitchens but also in bathrooms and other furniture pieces since the design is so clean and antique like. This is a great way to choose something which can go country or even modern no matter which way you look at it.


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