Memphis Series


The Castella Memphis Series handles come in two modern colours, Bright Chrome and Brushed Nickel, all in the same style with a semi-circular cutout for finger access. While the styles are all the same, the handles vary in length from 88mm to 312mm.

This exclusive series of handles allows you as the owner to add that special decorative touch to the doors and drawers of your kitchen or bathroom vanity. With a modern style and timeless appeal, this unique range of handles will combine beautifully with your decor.

There are several measurements for the Castella Memphis Handle.

[NB I’ve rewritten the last three definitions a bit – there’s no mention of Distance A or Distance B in the product descriptions]

  • Length is the overall length
  • Hole Centre is the distance between the screw holes
  • Projection is the distance the handle projects outward from the door surface
  • Distance A is the finger grip arch offset from end A, as shown in the above image
  • Distance B is the finger grip arch offset from end B, as shown in the above image

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