French Provincial


There are three main ways that you can change your kitchen or bathroom’s appearance. These are a complete new kitchen, a renovation or makeover, or simply change your existing handles or knobs.

Choosing new knobs and handles to replace the existing ones is an economical way of upgrading and changing the overall look of the room. New handles or knobs can give existing cabinets or drawer packs a revitalised appearance. With so many styles and types to choose from, this may seem a daunting prospect.

French Provincial knobs and handles may be just what you are looking for, depending on what you want in a new kitchen design or renovation project or simply the existing decor you have now.

This beautiful series of knobs and pulls has four main styles including fold-down hinged handles. This and the other styles in the range allow you, the owner, to add that special decorative touch to the doors and drawers of your kitchen or bathroom vanity. The styles come in three distinctive colours: Matt Black, Pewter and Antique Brass. With a classic style and timeless appeal, this unique range of handles, knobs and pulls will combine beautifully with your preferred decor.

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