Pineta Collection

Furnware Dorset Antique Pineta Range of Swivel Bail Handles, Knobs and Pendant Bail

Dorset Pineta Collection includes Swivel Pull handles, Pendant Pull handles and matching Knobs. Usually used on drawers but using a mix of matching knobs and handles they can also be used on matching doors. A unique vintage antique style, of Hand Polished Antique Brass colour. Great for that antique armoire, or vintage sideboard.

  • Material :
    • Zinc Alloy
  • Finish :
    • HPAB – Hand Polished Antique Brass
  • Cabinet Knob Sizes :
    • 25mm ∅ Small Round Knob
    • 30mm ∅ Medium Round Knob
    • 35mm ∅ Large Round Knob
    • 54mm Tear Drop Pendant Pull
  • Cabinet Handle Style and Size :
    • 96mm CC Flat Swivel Bail
    • 96mm CC Round Swivel Bail
  • Handle Screws sold separately

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