Antique Series


There are so many different knobs and handles in the whole Castella range to choose from, that you may be a bit overwhelmed in selecting which will best enhance your kitchen or bathroom decor. Antique knobs and handles are one style that may provide you with what you are looking for. They are available in different styles along with colours such as Pewter, Antique Brass, Verdigris and Antique Black. Knobs are another option which is available and they come in two styles and two different colour combinations. These are Pewter Crackle with a Pewter base and Coffee Crackle with an Antique Brass base. With these options available you are sure to find a style for a kitchen or bathroom that fits in with your chosen decor.

The metal and metal iron series of knobs and handles also offer a large selection to choose from. They have a wonderful range including items such as Titan rail and post, the Grecian Collection, silhouette blubar with chrome leg, ball style, vela, S-shaped brass and square styles. These wonderful handles have great styles and designs to make any kitchen or bathroom look spectacular without having to spend a fortune.

This beautiful series of handles, knobs and pulls allow you as the owner to add that special decorative touch to the doors and drawers of your kitchen or bathroom vanity. With a classic style and timeless appeal this unique range of handles, knobs and pulls will combine beautifully with your decor.

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