Designer Series


The Castella Designer handle range is inspired by four styles: Memphis Collection, Various Bow style handles, Various Square handles and Stylish Wave handles. These styles, based on European designs, make it easier for the person selecting a specific handle to make a choice based on their lifestyle and personality. The wide range of handles provide a myriad of options for a variety of applications.

Using our compare function will help you make the choice even easier when comparing the handles with unique styles for your kitchen, bathroom or any room in the home.

The Castella Designer range of handles and knobs includes:

  • Pointed Bow Handles
  • Round Bow Handles
  • Wave Handles
  • Fineline Bow Handles
  • Closed Pull Handles
  • Insert Square Handles
  • Smoothed Bow Handles
  • Solid Bow Handles
  • Modular Handles
  • Memphis Handles

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