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Antique Handles and Knobs

So many individuals feel that it is necessary to renovate their entire kitchen, when in fact it may only be odds and ends which need to be changed to give the appearance as if you have renovated more than you have. Switching the paint color or even the theme of the kitchen would give your space a different look without having to cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Switching cabinet handles and knobs is also a great way to give your kitchen a new appearance without damaging the bank account.

With so many different knobs and handles to choose from you may be a bit overwhelmed on choosing which will best fit in your scheme. Antique handles and knobs may be a great option since there are a few different looks to this style. They have different materials such as, metal, metal-iron, along with colors such as pewter, antique brass, and antique black. With so many options you will find something which catches your eye and fits your kitchens new look without having to look any further.

These antique knobs and handles look wonderful as well on drawers in the bathroom area. They will create a wonderful flow throughout the home if you are looking to change a few different pieces in each room.

There are many styles when it comes to the antique look such as the castella antique black cup handles. They are just a full black handle which will blend with any type of color scheme. Another would be the fluted castella handle. It had a basic design which is not to bold for those who like a bit of design but not too much.

If you are more into the older design which looks like porcelain you might be interested in the castella antique crackle knobs. They come in all three colors and have a wonderful porcelain like design in the middle of the design. It is usually a whitish color so it, yet again will blend wonderfully with any design scheme in the kitchen or other areas of the home.

Some knobs to others may feel a bit too hard to grip so they have also combined a wonderful look with the antique style called the Verdi Gris knob. They have a thicker handle to grasp when opening a cabinet or drawer.

When entering into the metal and metal-iron knobs and handles you will notice another large selection to choose through. They have wonderful options such as the titan rail and post, silhouette blubar with chrome leg, square styles, and the vela. These wonderful handles have a great design to make any kitchen look spectacular without having to spend a fortune.

Make sure you measure correctly before purchasing handles and knobs. You want to make sure you have the right diameter so the handles will fit the first time they are placed onto the cabinets and drawers. The antique design of these handles will give you a great modern look yet giving it that older look as many look forward to when designing their homes.


  • Bellweather

    Cast Iron is the way to go if you’re really into the antique look, which I am. Very informative article. I like to tinker with home improvement projects and this looks like a go-to site for me. Keep up the good work.

    • Tony

      Thanks Bellweather, we try to be as informative as we can. The Cast Iron look really does give a look of age to any project, it adds that sense of distressed originality.

  • sammi

    I absolutely love this look. I’ve always wanted cast iron in my kitchen and now I have found a way to do it. I think I’ll repaint the cupboards antique white and buy some of these.

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