• Different Types Of Metals3
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    What are handles and knobs made from?

    Most of our range of door handles and door knobs are made of a Zinc Alloy, and another common metal is Aluminium. Other materials that are commonly used are wood, iron, plastic, glass, rubber.

  • Cupboard Handle Size Guide
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    Cupboard Drawer Handle Size Guide

    Drawer Units UPTO 400mm For drawer units up to 400mm in width, you can use the common sizes of 64mm Handle or Pull 76mm Handle or Pull 96mm Handle or Pull, this is the most common size for these smaller…

  • Black Cupboard Handles Blog Post New Theme
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    Black Cupboard Handles

    Black Cupboard Handles are back in vogue, with a range of styles and colours. The colours include, Black, Matt Black, Pure Black, Antique Black, Black Nickel, Black Woodgrain, Black Deco Leather and others.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Handles

    Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

    When it comes to door handles there are many styles and colors you can choose from. You will also have your choice of a wide variety of metals. Few people realize that the style of the door handle can make…

  • Retro Kitchen 1
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    Retro Kitchen Handles and Knobs

    When renovating or designing your kitchen there are so many options to consider. You have to choose the paint scheme, fabrics, appliances, a theme if necessary, along with handles and knobs for your cabinets and drawers.

  • Antique Handles And Knobs5
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    Antique Handles and Knobs

    Antique handles and knobs may be a great option since there are a few different looks to this style. They have different materials such as, metal, metal-iron, along with colors such as pewter, antique brass, and antique black.

  • French Provincial Handles And Knobs
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    French Provincial Handles and Knobs

    These French provincial wire knobs and handles not only can be used in the kitchen but in the bathroom and sometimes even on dressers and desks which need an uplift into the century.

  • Castella Linear Portal 480mm Rail Handle Unique Blue Kitchen2
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    Castella Linear Portal 480mm Rail Handle

    This unusual Violet Blue Kitchen uses Castella Linear Portal 480mm Long Rail Handles on the Doors. Stunning Violet Blue doors with opaque radius plexiform doors. Mauve Red walls sets this kitchen apart from the usual white door, white walled kitchen.