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Retro Kitchen Handles and Knobs

When renovating or designing your kitchen there are so many options to consider. You have to choose the paint scheme, fabrics, appliances, a theme if necessary, along with handles and knobs for your cabinets and drawers. With many designs most handle options will work out wonderfully. On the other hand if you are looking for something more funky and retro you may be interested in the wonderful retro style handle and knobs which will just tie in the theme from beginning to the end.

These wonderful handles are designed to bring the classic style with the uniqueness without having it be way out of place. There are a few different styles to choose from along with color options such as the brushed nickel or the bright chrome. The colors will look great against other décor in the retro kitchen to give it the finished look. With these great decorative touches to your cabinet and drawers in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to tie the theme in with a bathroom as well which is near the kitchen? It will just give it an extra punch in the design technique without having to renovate anything else in other rooms except handles and knobs.

These great retro handles and knobs are wonderful options if you are not looking for your basic round knob or straight handle. They have a moon shape design to theme to give it the appearance of the retro shapes back in the day. They do have a basic retro knob which looks like a modern look but if you are looking to go retro make sure to choose the funky options to give it the great look you have been wanting.

With many options to go retro you might wonder which will actually go great with the options of the retro style handle and knobs. Many will think brighter colors will be retro enough, but in fact it is not the case. It depends on the color scheme no matter the dullness or brightness of the colors. A great balance for these colors would be muted blues, reds, and yellows. Of course with any design you can tie in a few hinds of black and white such as in the appliances or even a few of the linens. Another great color to add into a retro theme would be green. These colors will compliment each other and bring that retro style out once the handles and knobs are placed upon the drawers and cabinets.

A few other décor which you should combine into the design would be colored glass. This was a huge hit back in the 50’s and 60’s. If you ever come across any in a thrift store or even at a flea market, do not think twice on purchasing them. Many of these pieces may be quite expensive since many are not collectables. These will look fantastic sitting in a window sill or even on your kitchen table with the sun shining in bright and protruding through the glass piece.

With so many options when designing a retro themed kitchen, make sure your knobs and handles match the scheme to give it that look you see in a magazine.


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