4126 Custom Hand Painted Ceramic 42mm Kitten Face Knob

Custom Hand Painted Cat Knobs

Custom Hand Painted Ceramic 42mm Kitten Face Knob

This knob is hand painted by an artist, an artistic impression of your gorgeous feline friend. This is not an instant process and can take some time. As you might expect this is a very popular service with a first come first served basis. Current waiting time is around 1 month. Each knob is unique to the person ordering it. As this is an artistic commission, using the artists impression of the photograph you supply, no changes or refunds can be offered once the artwork has commenced.


  • sammi

    This really isn’t my style but my kids would love this. I think these would work on their dressers in the bedroom. Maybe I could even use them in the playroom on certain drawers. I’m thinking of the plain ones, letting them paint their own faces!

    • Tony

      They would be great for the kids, our artist only does cats, but they would look good as just about any animal, puppies would look good too. Even cartoon faces would look great.

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