Xmas Handles Knobs

66 Days Until Christmas

With just 66 Days until Christmas (I know you just wanted to know that), can you go without these lovely little Christmas themed handles and knobs. There is even a Christmas tree knob and not sure what they are, but they kind of look a little evil, a matching pair of yellow and white Light Globe knobs.

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  • Xmas Handles Knobs
  • Xmas Handles Knobs1
  • Xmas Handles Knobs2
  • Xmas Handles Knobs3
  • Xmas Handles Knobs4
  • Xmas Handles Knobs5
  • Xmas Handles Knobs6
  • Xmas Handles Knobs7
  • Xmas Handles Knobs8

Exceptional service from this company and the handles are very high quality with a beautiful finish. Highly recommended.

L. W. 5331 Castella Linear Planar Brushed Gold 160m Rounded Flat D Pull Handle

Thanks for the great customer service and the beautiful handles!:) made a complete set to our dream kitchen! Very good value for money too! A great Sydney based handle store!

S. L. 1127 French Provincial Black 128mm Pulsera Birdcage D Handle


  • Kelly

    I like the longer one’s better. SInce I like Christmas colors and the larger ones have more colors, so…………..I like the selection in here. I could browse all day.

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