Ninja Shuriken Throwing Star Decorative 102mm Coat Hook


Ninja Shuriken Throwing Star Decorative 102mm Coat Hook

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Ninja Shuriken Throwing Star Decorative 102mm Coat Hook

This coat hook is purely for decoration, the blades are not sharp, the material is not high tensile,  with a 1kg load rating, it is only for use with light weight items, such as Baseball Cap or Light Weight Scarf.

Soothe the soul who wants to be a ninja, a small ninja shuriken throwing star decoration. The ninja throwing star coat hook will change your foyer or hallway into the scene of a street confrontation. The Ninja Coat Hook has one corner cleverly designed as a screw, which allows you to change the look of your walls or doors. With a coat hook that looks like it was sent from the hands of an assassin whom has sent a fatal blow to those he has cast his shadow on. Looks like the real thing, our zinc alloy coat hooks looks ninja, but rest assured, although the edges look like a sharp knife, they are actually smooth hanging point.

Add some cutting-edge design in your home!

  • MOUNTING – Built in Screw
  • HEIGHT – 98mm
  • WIDTH – 10mm
  • PROJECTION – 102mm
  • FINISH – Stainless Steel
  • MATERIAL – Zinc Alloy

Please Note : Image Shown, displays style and similar colour of coat hook, slight variations may happen in end product.

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